Weekly Tournaments
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                                          Weekly Friday Events

6:00 PM    Friday Night Magic
6:30 PM    DragonBall
6:30 PM    Casual Yugioh

                                             Weekly Saturday Events

10:00        Pokemon League (TCG and Video Game!)
11:00        Pokemon Tournaments (Standard and Expanded)

 1:00       Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament Advanced format (Swiss Format - players will play in several rounds until Top-Cut)  Everyone gets a pack for participation.  Prizes depend on number of players.

 3:00        MTG Standard and Commander Tournament

 3:00        Dragon Ball Super


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ADVANCED       = You can NOT use banned cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments are run using Advanced Format tournament rules. In our weekly regular tournaments, every participant will recieve a booster pack, winners will recieve extra prizes.  All points accumulated in tournament play will be applied to Local and Global rankings.  No Japanese Cards or counterfeit (fake) cards will be allowed in the tournament.

Please contact us at info@beanie-planet.com

Or you can call us at (915)543-9696